The Top Reasons to Invest in Sales Force Automation Systems

Sales force automation software needs no introduction. More than anything else, it is a software for all the people across the sales and service department and to a certain extent within the marketing departments. Empowered with features designed to act as a full fledge support in the daily tasks of the mobile sales force, a powerful SFA assures reduction of time taken to execute routine tasks, shorten the sales cycle and improvise the chances of positive associations with satisfied customers. All in all, a successful SFA increases the numbers of deal closures, reduces sales cycle time and cuts down the sales administrative time effectively, giving concrete reasons to invest in sales force automation systems.

Sales Force Automation Systems

Leads and opportunities analyzed and rationalized with SFA 

A good sales force automation system gathers data from various sources like website inquiries, online requests and others. In conjunction with smart business intelligence tools, this data is converted into meaningful information to track potential customers and generate a good ground work for a first time call to fresh leads.  Equipped with intelligent background data of prospective clients, the sales and marketing teams can plan their visits and strategies with a proper perspective, increasing the possibilities of a positive culmination.

Discussions of further approaches and plans during visits prior to order taking too can be done methodically, availing intelligent marketing automation tools integrated with a robust sales force automation solution. The application allows the salespeople and managers analyze the productivity of each phone call or visit with prudence and derive judgments based on these.

Sales force automation for getting an edge above the competitors 

Keeping a check on the happenings in the market and what the others in competition are doing and then acting in accordance is the call of the day. Competent SFA systems are designed to integrate competitor check modules for recording competitor facts and details. It also goes one step further to co-relate un-culminated leads details with the competitor business activities thus also giving an insight to on going threats and missed opportunities.

Sales force automation for happy and satisfied customers

As a homogeneous subset of the customer relationship management software, SFA records all the details of the customers, right from the basic details to each and every feedback and request made by the customer. This helps the sales team to create a certain rapport and oneness with the customer giving a personal touch to the relation. All the data records of the customers make a common pool for the marketing and sales team to have a comperhensive view to maintaining the relationships with various customers. The customer satisfaction increases leaps and bounds by this approach. Loyalty thus establishes and benefits the business undoubtedly.

SFA to give useful insights to the teams through analytics

Insights given to the sales team through the various analysis tools of the SFA solution equip them to plan targeted efforts to entice the prospective customer.  The team can approach the customers with offers of the most relevant products and services based on the customers purchasing history and patterns. The after support teams too are equipped with the customer history and order details to make relevant communications during their regular visits increasing the possibility of extending sales opportunities.

SFA for easy co-ordination and management of field sales force 

Keeping a track of the field sales force staff and a check on their activities can be a nightmare of sorts for managers at all levels and across the globe. The very savvy enterprise mobility solutions available as resident apps or specific solutions within the devices that the sales force carries with them can be put to prudent use and can be used along with mapping and positioning software for time recordings and activity charting purposes. These details directly fed into a comprehensive sales force automation solution yields beneficial details to the supervisors. With a close check on efficiency and performances of the sales force staff, the managers can motivate and improve performances of everyone in the team.

Improved efficiency and performance is directly co-related to the improvements in the RoI.

Sales force automation to save time

Mundane, time-consuming critical tasks of a sales workflow are made quicker and almost automatic by a competent sales force automation system. Quick access to critical information makes the sales force more efficient and proves helpful to them in delivering better results. An efficient sales force person improves the overall experience of the customer instilling a sense of confidence in the customer base. 

In a Nutshell 

These advantages of the sales force automation systems compel enterprises and businesses of all sizes to invest in such software to increase the efficiency and productivity of the sales force. This directly results in the need to employ lesser people and manage with a smaller sales team.


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