Augment Marketing With Internet of Things (IoT)

The hit phrase today – “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been creating waves around the entire globe. With its popularity growing heaps and bounds, we can easily view its effect into our daily lives and the way in which it is being ingrained into routine activities and tasks. Encircled with the Java Embedded technology, IoT is making its presence felt into our lives as if it has been around since years, increasing our dependency on it. It has weaved a digital world of its own with a community of its own. This digital collaboration is increasingly integrating with our lives with its own networking architecture. Many of the environmental activities like traffic, pollution, weather etc. are being handled by IoT. The magic that IoT is spreading around, is hard to be believed until seen by us. There are already umpteen IoT devices running successfully in the market and it is touching each and every periphery of business and personal lives.

All said and done, there is a large community which is being positively affected with the implementation of IoT. Also there are varied domains and areas which can benefit from the advantages this technology offers. Of course, this technology is not only going to reach the individual masses, it will also reach and touch the different departments of a business organization.

One such department where Internet of Things is marking its growing presence and ensuring growth in the sector too is Marketing. There are visible growth spurts and maximized ROI in the Marketing scenario owing to this novel technology.


IoT – a gigantic impact on Marketing

  • Simplistic integration with advertising components

With a simplified approach to integrate into advertising media and with growing personalization, the marketing scenario is sure to gain success. For marketing to do well, what is important is to grab the interest areas of the customer and work accordingly and bingo!! That is where Internet of Things grabs the attention. With a concept called Predictive Marketing, they would surely be able to increase sales, maximize ROI, enhance productivity and profitability.

  • Closer connection with clients

Because of instant availability of sales data and other important information, it is easier to communicate with end customers through smart devices, which are available anywhere, any time. This leads to an increased and focused approach towards marketing and creating a stronger rapport with customers.

  • Sophistication in Marketing

Due to availability of the entire physiological and emotional history of clients, it becomes easier for us to judge the attitude and mentality of the end client and behave accordingly, thus, ensuring apt judgement and marketing efforts.

One more way to ascertain augmented marketing with the help of IoT is inclusion of a smart and sound CRM tool in the organization. To know well in advance about what your customer would intend to have, is a blessing in disguise. This will surely shorten the sales time since the marketing fellow would already be known to what the end client requires. And hence the deal would be struck with the right set of parameters.

  • Virtual marketing

There are so many activities like online marketing, automating different activities like campaign management, advertisement, rate management which are now being integrated with the Internet of Things environment to make them better and receptive. These are sure to make the marketing objectives much easily attainable and reachable.

To have a feel of how exactly this will happen, have a look at this video, which reveals the intricacies of Marketing with IoT.

With fast paced technologies, the moment you are reading this article, there are surely going to be numerous other moves in the IoT arena and the way in which IoT touches Marketing departments, other domain areas as well as our daily lives. Wait and watch to have a glance at the latest developments.


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