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Upgrading the SDK

This guide will help you migrate your development environment and applications to the Android 0.9 SDK beta. Use this guide if you’ve been developing for Android on any of the m3 or m5 versions of the SDK.

The Andoid 0.9 SDK beta includes:

  • Extensions, changes and improvements to the framework and library APIs
  • New developer tools
  • Enhancements to existing developer tools
  • Redesigns to the home screen, some applications and UI
  • Plus various other improvements throughout the system

To take advantage of these features, you need to install the new SDK and upgrade your existing Android applications. The sections below guide you through the process.

 Install the new SDK

Download the SDK and unpack it into a safe location.

After unpacking the new SDK, you should:

  • Wipe your emulator data.Some data formats have changed since the last SDK release, so any previously saved data in your emulator must be removed. Open a console/terminal and navigate to the /tools directory of your SDK. Launch the emulator with the -wipe-data option.

    Windows: emulator -wipe-data
    Mac/Linux: ./emulator -wipe-data

  • Update your PATH variable (Mac/Linux; optional).If you had previously setup your PATH variable to point to the SDK tools directory, then you’ll need to update it to point to the new SDK. E.g., for a .bashrcor .bash_profile file: export PATH=$PATH:<your_new_sdk_dir>/tools

Update your ADT Eclipse Plugin

If you develop on Eclipse and are using the ADT plugin, follow these steps to install the new plugin that accompanies the latest SDK.

Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede)
  1. Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install….
  2. Select Search for updates of the currently installed features and click Finish.
  3. If any update for ADT is available, select and install.
  4. Restart Eclipse.
  1. Select Help > Software Updates…
  2. Select the Installed Software tab.
  3. Click Update…
  4. If an update for ADT is available, select it and click Finish.
  5. Restart Eclipse.

After restart, update your Eclipse preferences to point to the SDK directory:

  1. Select Window > Preferences… to open the Preferences panel. (Mac OSX: Eclipse > Preferences)
  2. Select Android from the left panel.
  3. For the SDK Location in the main panel, click Browse… and locate the SDK directory.
  4. Click Apply, then OK.

Set Up Application Signing

All applications must now be signed before you can install them on the emulator. Both the ADT plugin and the Ant-based build tools support this requirement by signing compiled .apk files with a debug key. To do so, the build tools use the Keytool utility included in the JDK to to create a keystore and a key with a known alias and password.

To support signing, you should first make sure that Keytool is available to the SDK build tools. In most cases, you can tell the SDK build tools how to find Keytool by making sure that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set and that it references a suitable JDK. Alternatively, you can add the JDK version of Keytool to your PATH variable.

If you are developing on a version of Linux that originally came with Gnu Compiler for Java, make sure that the system is using the JDK version of Keytool, rather than the gcj version. If keytool is already in your PATH, it might be pointing to a symlink at /usr/bin/keytool. In this case, check the symlink target to make sure that it points to the keytool in the JDK.

If you use Ant to build your .apk files (rather than ADT for Eclipse), you must regenerate your build.xml file. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. In your Android application project directory, locate and delete the current build.xml file.
  2. Run activitycreator, directing output to the folder containing your application project.
    - exec activitycreator --out <project folder> your.activity.YourActivity

Run in this way, activityCreator will not erase or create new Java files (or manifest files), provided the activity and package already exists. It is important that the package and the activity are real. The tool creates a new build.xml file, as well as a new directory called “libs” in which to place 3rd jar files, which are now automatically handled by the Ant script.

Migrate your applications

After updating your SDK, you will likely encounter breakages in your code, due to framework and API changes. You’ll need to update your code to match changes in the Andriod APIs.

One way to start is to open your project in Eclipse and see where the ADT identifies errors in your application. From there, you can lookup respective changes in the Overview of Changes and API Diffs Report.

If you have modified one of the ApiDemos applications and would like to migrate it to the new SDK, note that you will need to uninstall the version of ApiDemos that comes preinstalled in the emulator.



Apple vs Android

Choosing the best smartphone operating system from all available OS, is becoming a top priority for many type business owners. While there are many mobile OS players, from all that the major players are Apple iOS and Google’s Android. As far as hardware goes, Apple is the same in every model; making it simpler for users to upgrade phones without having to re-learn how to use it. Android, however, is designed so that the manufacturer of the phone can modify it according to their ecosystem, which can include completely changing the look and feel of the Android system. This can give the user to be flexible to select a phone, which has a system that is more suited to their needs.

There is Big Difference Between Apple and Android

Smartphone subscribers:  43.7% of USA user had an android device and only 27.7% of user had an iphone.

Smartphone subscribers

Tablets Market Analysis: iPad is more popular compare to android.  iPad had 66% of the tablet market and android tablets had grown to 26%.

Tablets Market Analysis

Which platform’s users are downloading the most apps:  According to Canalys 51% of android user download the android app and 40% of ios user downloads the ios app.

Which platform's users are downloading the most apps

Top Air Craft Android Games Crossed 10K Downloads

I got surprise when I got so many names of the games which hit top on Google Play store in 2013. The 2013 year, indeed a great time for games and many Android games got launched and become popular in less time. However, recently only I made a search for top AirCraft games and found a great list of games. From then here are some of the top Aircraft android games which not only become popular but also crossed 10K downloads.

Top Three Android Games Crossed 10K Downloads

Aircraft Parking

Aircraft Parking app for Android is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world would be glad to get it without any payments. AircraftParking is a Action and control game, where you need to park your plane carefully between the other planes to avoid collision .You can collect life to increase the time span of game and collect other surprise positive or negative elements that may increase or decrease score and direction control of plane and game respectively. You may have protection to avoid collision with other plane. Beat your previous record and set a new records and to get position into top five scorer, which needs your keen efforts. Drag your plane to green line in order to park plane in given shade. Other planes are the main obstruction, so be sure to avoid collision.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-“Green grass” and “desert” theme
-Two Types of Aircraft (jet plane and charter plane)
-Smooth and fast aircraft path drawing
-Eye catchy animation for gaming powers
-Maintain game high score
-Score sharing on facebook and twitter
-Spectacular LED light animation on run-way.

Controls Fighter Jet

Are you looking for a 3D game in which you can fly an advanced jet fighter trough the skies. Are you looking for a free fighter jet games that can teach you to fly like the best Navy Air force fighter plane pilots. Learn how to land and take off your F18 fighter jet plane from a carrier. So if you think you have what it takes to fly an F18 jet fighter. Here is your chance to get a taste o flying one of the most sophisticated aircrafts in the world. Controls Fighter Jet simulator is a modern air combat plane simulator in which you as a fighter pilot can fly around in a F18 jet plane. During the course of the game you as pilot have the opportunity to fly many missions.

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-Fly to the sky
-Simple and Simple operation
-Gravity Control Game.
-Various colors
-Open sky
-Kids and Baby
-in full 3D.

Air Control Game

This Android apk game for tablet or phone totally free. One of the other common themes on the Android gaming scene is clones of games based around pretending to be an air traffic controller, where you guide planes to landing strips with a swish of your finger. There are loads of them, all pretty much the same thing – we’ve chosen Air Control Game as it’s an ad-supported release, so is technically free.

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– Offline high-score
– Automatic pause during inactivity (screen off / phone call)
– 3 Airplanes
– 5 Airports
– Simple game system
– Two available languages (English/Slovak)

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Greet Buddy Android App To Wish Happy New Year 2014

Do you remember those days, when we use to send hand written messages and greetings cards to our friends on the occasion of New Year? Now time had changed a lot. As we all now very addicted to our mobiles, so sending postal greetings cards are becoming out of fashion.

Today there are many application and other several ways to send desired messages to our near ones and friends in a short span of time through free Android applications which are available in market. Even ever, New Year eve comes many leading android applications development company launch attentive apps for mobile lovers. All this message apps are in the form of wallpapers, quotations, ringtones and sms etc.

On the arrival of New Year 2014, here is the free attractive Android app from SPEC INDIA, its name as ‘Greet Buddy’ that helps you to send greetings to your loved one. ‘Greet Buddy‘ is available on Google play to download it for free.

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Now you can send cool and extra ordinary card with customized message to your loved ones. This amazing application allows you to wish your friends in your own words. You can send your personalized New Year greeting from your favorite social media as well.

5 Easy steps to personalize your greeting:

1. Select the greeting from list
2. Tap on edit button on top right to edit the greeting
3. Add your personalize message, choose your favorite color and font.
4. Save it or send it from share button on top.
5. Select the media which you want to use to send the greeting.

Hurray! Your personalize greeting has been sent to you love one.

You can choose the media from following:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Viber
  • BBM
  • Line
  • WeChat
  • Email
  • MMS

Which Android Apps Best for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Free 10 Apps Helps For Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

As New Year eve is approaching very fast, now it’s time to make our resolutions. We all make very high hopes and with that same intention, here we have added list of free android apps which can be take into consecration while making New Year’s resolutions for 2014. Here are the most wanted New Year apps to celebrate the New Year 2014. These New Year android apps are free to use. So it is time to top up your Android devices with New Year Apps in order to get into the groove of the season.

A) Red Laser

The smartest shoppers compare prices before making a purchase, but the process can be tiring—and seem endless. Red Laser makes it easy. After finding the product you want, like a television or camera, scan the bar code and the app will show the best prices available both online and in stores locally. Either click BUY NOW to go directly to the selected website, or get directions to the store with the lowest price. (Free; iOS, Android, Windows)

Red Laser

B) Frisky Catch

Frisky Catch is an interesting and easy to play Android game. Its aim is to collect the falling balls in the basket. You can move the basket left or right using finger. Your goal will be to collect as many balls as possible to increase score. You can collect coins to purchase items from application store. Beware of articles that can make you lose your points, score and basket. You are given only three baskets to collects ball and coins. There are three themes: Wooden floor, Basket ball and Night club. Each theme has different and attractive balls. Each ball holds different scores. You can take a daily challenge to complete and earn coins. There are achievements that you can challenge your friends from game center.

Frisky Catch

C) Ziplist

When it comes to grocery shopping, the surest way to overspend is to leave home without a list. Avoid impulse buys with Ziplist, an Apple and Android app that helps you create a master list of groceries to use each time you head out. Save recipes, automatically add the ingredients to your list, and quickly search for coupons for each item. Ziplist even organizes your lists according to the layout of your participating grocery stores. (Free; iOS, Android)


D) Happy New Year Frames-2014

Happy New Year Frames app is developed with number of frames. This app is use to decorate your photo. You can edit the pictures using filters and apply the effects.

Happy New Year Frames-2014

You can select your image from gallery or directly capture the photo from the camera. You can save your decorated images and also share using messaging, Bluetooth and face book etc with internet connection. It is very easy to use, capture photo from camera or pick from gallery and select the frame. For this app no internet connection require, if you want to share through face book or twitter then internet connectivity require. Download it and make a beautiful album with remembers of this New Year…

E) New Year Live Wallpaper

New Year Live Wallpaper is a cheerful “live wallpaper” that will provide you with hours of endless joy and fun feel the holiday magic of the new 2014 in the air! Whenever you tap on the screen, a stunning Christmas tree will light up with many twinkling lights and lovely snowflakes will shower your screen completely. Happy New Year 2014! Just get this cool free download and the holiday celebration may begin! Imagine the beautiful blue sky with Santa’s sleigh pulled by adorable reindeer above the roofs and chimneys of the city covered in white snow – that is truly the perfect scenery for the New Year’s Eve. Have “happy holidays” and make the sweetest New Year wishes with this new high resolution wall paper whenever you glance at the screen. The best New Year quotes will not be able to capture the beauty of your snow white smartphone. New Year Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devices as well as phones.

New Year Live Wallpaper

F) NEW YEAR 2014 Countdown+Music+

New Year’s Day is the time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count is incremented. The New Year of the Gregorian calendar, today in worldwide use, falls on 1 January, as was the case with the Roman calendar. It was only relatively recently that 1 January again became the first day of the New Year in Western culture.

NEW YEAR 2014 Countdown+Music+

G) New Year 2014 Wishes

In this application you can also send greetings by SMS or email directly from the application without any advertising and promotional text, simply purchase the product inside the app “Disable Ads” (basket on the main page of the application). Its appearance changes with the upcoming holidays and the application reminds you of upcoming holidays and other occasions. Now, as soon as you need in your application you will find hundreds of ready-made wishes on different occasions that you can send to friends and family via SMS, e-mail, Facebook or other messaging. With our app you will do it very quickly and efficiently.

New Year 2014 Wishes

H) New Year 2014 Greetings / SMS

Get some of the most amazing Happy New Year SMS for FREE to greet your dears on the best occasion of New Year 2014. These messages will definitely give you a feel of the festival and there are some eloquent messages to choose from. Check them out and make your New Year merrier. Using this android app, you can choose the best SMS and wishes for this New Year. Send New Year sms to your friends, relatives, family members and all near and dear ones. Very easy 3 step sms sending app allows you to send sms from your mobile and a great collection of new year sms will help you to find the best wishes that you can send to anyone. You can find here different categories of New Year 2014 SMS such as SMS for Professionals, couples, Teachers, Boss, pals and cronies. Get this amazing App for FREE and make your New Year brighter.

New Year 2014 Greetings / SMS

I) New Year Ringtone 2014

New Year Ringtone 2014 is Popular and Spectacular Ringtone Package. New Year Ringtone 2014 is a new year of the application that contains the new year, popular ringtones, ringtone audio, music new year, new year’s song, ringtone new years eve, new year and blackberry Ringtone melody.

New Year Ringtone 2014

J) Tango Messenger, Video & Calls

Tango gives you the highest quality video & phone calls, texts, photo & video sharing, games and more for FREE! It’s the all-in-one social networking app that finally combines every way you want to interact with friends & family. Join over 120M people around the world & Tango today!

Tango Messenger, Video & Calls

Samsung Plans Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Inch Tablet : Rumor

After some successful smartphone devices releases, now Samsung is planning to make huge market in tablet shares. Recently, according to rumor Apple is going to launch 12.9 Inch iPad in October. By this Samsung has lined up a slew of tablet launches for 2014 across several segments. From which some are like Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

However, it’s also expected that Galaxy Tab 3 Lite which will be aimed squarely at the budget tablet segment. As of now, none of these table series are confirmed by the company till now. According to some for the virtual rumors, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite will the first to be launched, by the second week of January 2014 and will be the cheapest from all other tables. With a 7 inch display, it will also be the smallest tablet offering as well. Galaxy Tab 8.4 and 10.1 is expected to be launched towards third week of January, followed by the big tablet from all, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 towards end January or early February.

Further rumor, as the expected Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 will offer stylus support and is aimed at business professionals or other productive tasks. Some of the experts also added that all the expected tables may be on store shelves in all major markets of the world by Q1, 2014.

As expected the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 will be available in three storage configurations (16, 32 and 64 GB), two Wi-Fi variants (Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + LTE model) and a microSD expansion slot up to 64 GB. Reports are expecting Samsung to announce more of its product during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014.

10 Best Free Christmas Apps For Android 2013

Christmas celebration has just begun around all corners of the world. It’s officially the holiday season which means people are decorating, celebrating, and giving to others. It’s a wonderful time of year and, by far, one of the most colorful and engaging. There are no other holiday seasons where people do things like this. You can use your Android device to get into the Christmas spirit too and here are 10 of the best Christmas apps that can help out!

Christmas Ringtones

Chritsmas Ringtones is an app that has all the ringtones and songs you need for Christmas. Just as the season begins, all you want to hear are the beautiful melodies.  This app helps you choose your ringtone and message tone and set it to the best and your favorite Christmas tones. It has a smooth interface and a beautiful background. It also has funky remixes and tunes that will get you in the groove.  Get this app and have all the fun you want this Christmas. Download this app for free from Play Store.

Christmas Ringtones

Christmas Tree Maker

Always wanted to make your own virtual Christmas tree? Well, this app will help you do just that! Choose a background of your own choice, the lights, garland, ornaments, and customize it the way you want it to be. Top it off with an angel, a star, or a Santa, and more! Place the wrapped gifts under the tree to give it the finishing touch! Make you own tree.

Christmas Tree Maker

Christmas Story Books Free

Christmas Story Books is a growing collection of Christmas stories and Bible inspired animal stories for children of all ages. Just as a stocking filled with toys and goodies this app comes filled with Christmas stories. This app includes Christmas books of different kinds – classics, tales that are passed on from generation to generation and beautifully read with professional voice over. Each book comes rich with vibrant pictures, engaging narration and lively music. The app comes with all the cool features of the iStoryBooks platform.

Christmas Story Books Free

Gift Wrapping Tricks and Tips

Do you get frustrated when it comes to wrapping presents? Do they always come out uneven with creases in the middle and too much paper on one side? Have you ever wanted clear, easy-to-follow instructions about how to create professional looking gifts at your fingertips? Now, you can have that with the “Gift Wrapping Tricks and Tips App. Wrapping a gift is truly an art form… and this App gives you all the tips, tricks and techniques you’ll need to learn how to master wrapping the perfect present.

Gift Wrapping Tricks and Tips

 Christmas Songs and Music

With a great selection of songs and an impressive array of options for each track, this is by far my favourite Christmas music app on the Play Store this year. Find a track you like and tap on its icon to hear the song, or tap on its name to set it as a ringtone, notification alert, alarm tone or even as a widget to sit on your home screen. Ideal for anyone who needs immediate access to some festive cheer.

Christmas Songs and Music

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

You can see the tough duty of Santa in this live wallpaper visually. He is flying over the villages to provide the presents to all the people for which he adopts the particular method that consist of teleport and fireballs. The free of cost version only shows the Santa’s activity of reconnaissance trip. You have to buy the full one if you need snowfall, extra reindeers, magic dust, and fireballs gifts and visualize the Santa transformation.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

Bear & Hare

A lovely new app for little ones based on the Bear & Hare featured in the John Lewis Christmas ads. The app follows the same story line about a brown bear who had never seen Christmas as he’d been in hibernation so the hare buys him an alarm clock so he won’t miss out on the fun with his friends.  The app is an interactive book with gorgeous illustrations and animation. Kids will love decorating the Christmas tree, playing the Woodland Orchestra game and reading along to the story.

Bear & Hare

Bubble Shooter: Christmas day

This is a special holiday edition of the bubble shooter game. You must match 3 or more sequences of the same color in order to make them disappear. It’s fun, addictive and very festive.

Bubble Shooter: Christmas day

Christmas Coloring Book

Entertain the young kids with this Christmas coloring book on your Android device. There are many templates and colors to choose from to keep them occupied for a very long time. Choose from a gallery of holiday images to entertain kids of all ages. Kids will enjoy coloring their favorite holiday characters and watching for Santa. Share your child’s holiday coloring projects with family and friends around the jolly time of year. This Kid friendly app contains multiple painting tools and colors to choose from allows your child to be creative.

Christmas Coloring Book

Aircraft Parking

AircraftParking is a Action and control game,where you need to park your plane carefully between the other planes to avoid collision .You can collect life to increase the time span of game and collect other surprise positive or negative elements that may increase or decrease score and direction control of plane and game respectively. You may have protection to avoid collision with other plane. Beat your previous record and set a new records and to get position into top five scorer, which needs your keen efforts. Drag your plane to green line in order to park plane in given shade. Other planes are the main obstruction, so be sure to avoid collision.

Aircraft Parking