Java Programming with Greenfoot

What is Greenfoot?

Greenfoot is a Java interactive development environment designed to help students learn. Using Greenfoot, students learn the Java programming language in a fun, interesting, and visually engaging way! It allows easy development of two-dimensional graphical applications, like simulations and interactive games. Greenfoot programming environment is suitable for college- and university-level students.


Benefits of Greenfoot

1.    Fun, and engaging

It’s fun and engaging because Greenfoot makes it relatively easy for novice programmers to create 2D games, animations, and simulations. Greenfoot full supports Java programming language.


2.    Powerful

Greenfoot is really powerful because support Java programming language and programmers can use that code in a major Java project. Included in that power is the ability to do any or all of the following:

•    Execute the scenario (project) inside the IDE, either in single-step mode or run mode.
•    Export the scenario as a Java applet in a JAR file with an accompanying HTML file.
•    Export the scenario as an application in an executable JAR file.
•    Publish the scenario on the Greenfoot web site for review and comment by others.

3.    Greenfoot Support Classes

The following are generally useful classes that might be used in more than one scenario. They were usually developed in the context of a specific scenario, but should be useful in other contexts, possibly with a little modification. By publishing the classes here, implicit permission is granted for you to use these classes in your projects, modify and distribute them. You should not, however, remove the original author name. If you modify a class, add your own name as an additional author (with explanation of the modifications made, if you want), but acknowledge original authors.

Greenfoot Support Classes



Greenfoot requires the Java 6 or Java 7 JDK. Note that you need the version marked JDK; not JRE, Netbeans or Java EE. Download JDK.


The hardest thing when talking about programming is the learning process: start implementing code is not something that can be done from one moment to another. But the difference of Greenfoot is that includes lots of documentation and examples, so it is easier to learn. In addition, it is focused on games and simple applications, which is much more attractive than other similar products you can find on market.


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