Microsoft + Micromax = Window Phone 8.1

Microsoft opened the door of support for its new partner Micromax – one of the leading mobile manufacturers. With this support WP8.1 was available for the Indian mobile giant and they launched 2 windows based phone for the first time named Canvas Win121 and Canvas Win W092.

micromax windows phone 8.1

Actually Microsoft made one announcement back in the month of the Feb 2014 at Mobile World Congress with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc that they will provide the windows technology at no cost for the instruments less than 9”. These two phones is the result of that announcement. Microsoft believes that providing windows without any single penny to its partners will make them able to bag in the windows phones swiftly in their portfolio.

Price of these phone is also very effective factor as one can buy Win121 & W092 at INR 9500/- & 6500/- respectively. In Asian market price matters a lot and with this cost these phones will become very popular.

Specification of these both phones is very interesting as below

Canvas Win W121: This dual-sim phone comes with 5” HD screen, 8MP camera with single LED flash and 2 MP front camera. 8GB internal storage with the option of expansion till 32GB, best thing is that it is backed-up with Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor with 1GB of memory. In addition this device has sensors for proximity, gravity, and light. Company provides this device with back panel made from pure lather.

Canvas Win092: This device is 1’smaller than W121 and had WVGA display. Back camera is 5MP with single LED flash and front is 0.3MP. Storage capacity and processor is same as W121.

Overall these phones are very good options for both the windows phone lovers and budget conscious. If you thinking to buy good smart phone you must have to think about these devices.

Just some month’s back Microsoft brings window phone 8 with new exciting features like below:

1. Customizable Lock Screen
2. Skype
3. Pandora
4. Kid’s Corner
5. Data Sense
6. Rooms
7. Voice Notes In OneNote
8. Skydrive Integration
9. Xbox Music

Find more informative Window Phone 8 Additional Features.


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