Rumors: iPhone 6 Delayed To September And New iPhone Phablet Coming in May

A long wait for iPhone 6 may be extended for some more months. iPhone 6 release date may be delayed until September but at the same time it’s rumoured that iPhone phablet to be released in May to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, according to new reports out this week.

According to recent Yahoo! Japan news, the Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone with bigger screen display in May. The upcoming smartphone/phablet devices will spearhead a new line of iPhones to be launched in 2014. However, the report states that the full-fledged iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S successor are expected to arrive sometime around September 2014.

iPhone 6Meanwhile, the report also indicates that the expected phablet will not probably come with Apple’s upcoming A8 SoC, instead of it will feature the iPhone 5S’s 64-bit A7 processor. Based on the rumors, it’s expected that iPhone phablet will feature a massive screen, which could be 5.7 inches or bigger to rival that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The report, also rumored that Apple may be thinking to enter in the phablet market that is currently dominated by its rivals like Samsung. If these rumors are true, then California-based company will have to battle head on with the Samsung Galaxy Note series and HTC One Max. According to experts expectation, the new handset will be probably retain the TouchID fingerprint sensor first seen in iPhone 5S. Additionally, the company will provide more security as eye scanner in expected device, as rumors suggest.

On all this rumors, the Apple company is still mum for iPhone 6 release date, but the company’s chief exce teased that the company has “big plans” for 2014. Many leading iPhone application development company are also waiting for new iPhone 6 and new iPhone Phablet to grab custom apps marker. Let’s wait for some official announcement from the Apple company to come!


One comment on “Rumors: iPhone 6 Delayed To September And New iPhone Phablet Coming in May

  1. 3cga says:

    I’ve got another iPhone prediction list for you to fuel this! Gives you the why and workings of why the iPhone 6 will be what it is.

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