Top Hidden Secret And Tricks for iPhone And iPad User

Nowadays, people are more use to iPhone and iPad. In the market, the sale of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6C had increased a lot. But there are many shortcuts and tricks which you don’t know in your iOS devices. Here is the list of hidden tips and tricks which can make you smarter.

1.  First switch your keyboard on thumb mode to make typing more comfortable in your iPad. Then swipe your fingers across the keyboard and you will see a different keyboard that allows you to type comfortably using your thumb.

switch your keyboard on thumb mode

2.  If you want to decrease your iPhone’s changing time then keep it on airplane mode.

airplane mode

3.  While traveling abroad, you can use offline Google Maps. If you are still online, search for the area you wish to save and in the search bar, type “Ok Maps” which is going to help a great for offline user.

offline Google Maps

4.  To remove accidental extra zeroes in calculator, just swipe from left to right.

remove accidental extra zeroes in calculator

5.  Before your child use your iOS devices, just turn on the guided access which keeps users from tapping or clicking within an app. Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Acess.

Guided Acess

6.  Have your photos just by using earbuds. When you camera mode are ready to shoot, press the volume and the button on the remote on your earbuds.

Take photos using earbuds

7.  Now go to your camera app without unlocking your iPhone by swiping the small camera icon found in the lower right corner of the home screen. This is particularly useful when you need to ask another person to take a photograph using your iPhone – they do not need to know and input your password anymore.

Open camera app without unlocking your iPhone

8.  While using any iOS device, you can turn your iOS device into an instant laptop by using Bluetooth keyboard.

Bluetooth keyboard with your iOS device

9.  If you need to scroll back to the top of any app immediately, tap the bar of the app. With this trick, scrolling back to the top will not be as tedious and time-consuming as it was before.

Scroll to top

10. If you need to hang a frame in a pinch then open the Compass App > Swipe to Left > Level Screen.

Compass App


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